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Before 1970 there was no separate Traffic Police in Manipur. Later, some selected police personnel from Imphal PS and then Town Control Room were detailed to regulate crowded Imphal areas, especially at Kangla western gate, Charlie (formerly known as Western Assam Rifle gate), Bazaar Charlie, Nityaipat chuthek, Keishampat, etc. by wearing khaki uniform with a white armband.

In the year 1970,  a separate Traffic Control Police unit was established at its present location, i.e. MG Avenue, Imphal under the command of Sub-Inspector M. Kunjabihari Singh. The manpower strength was – 1 SI, 3 ASI, 2 HC, 22 Blue and White TCP and 12 Khaki TCP. In the year 1972, the strength of the Traffic Police was increased by 1 Dy. SP and  1 Inspector. And the total strength of manpower become as indicated below:-  

Dy. S.P. Insp. ASI HC Blue & White Khaki TCP Total
1 1 3 2 22 12 41

Later, additional posts of TCP were created to help cope with the ever-increasing responsibilities to regulate traffic.

Manpower position in 1986 is as under:-

District HC Blue & White Khaki PC
Bishnupur 2 1 3
Thoubal 2 1 3
Chandel - 1 3
Churachandpur 1 1 3
Senapati 1 1 4
Tamenglong - 1 3
Ukhrul 1 1 3

In 1987 the Police HQ posted more traffic personnel as given below:-

District SI ASI HC PC
Imphal District 4 - 3 29
Senapati District - - - 2
Bishnupur District  - - - 9
Thoubal District  - - - 6
Churchandpur District  - - - 2
Chandel District - - - 1
CID - - - 7
Total 4 - 3 56



In the beginning, Traffic Police performed traffic regulation and control duties at important road junctions, intersections and congested Khwai Bazar areas.  Violators of traffic rules and regulations were booked by way of challan & sent up to the Transport Magistrate. From time to time, Mobile Court of the Transport Magistrate, Imphal conducted vehicle checking at congested areas of Imphal Bazaar to enforce  traffic rules and regulations. All traffic points were manned by TCP(Blue & White PCs) with manual signals. In 1986-87, 2(two) Traffic points i.e. Kangla Western gate and Bazaar Charlies were given Semi Automatic Light Signal on trial basis.

From 1990, Traffic officers not below the rank of Sub-Inspector were empowered to compound fine under Section 201(2) M.V Act 1988.  Traffic Police Officers not below the rank of Sub-Inspector were empowered to compound offences punishable under various Sections of M.V. Act 1988.

Besides regulation of vehicular traffic at Traffic Island posts in Imphal area,  parking arrangements in congested areas, during VVIP and VIP visits, National and State functions, regular  drive against violators of Traffic laws/rules and regulations were also carried out by the Traffic Police.

The Traffic Police also organised Traffic Awareness Campaigns every year and also imparted traffic education to School Children and transporters and drivers.

In acknowledgement of the services rendered by the Traffic Police for the welfare of the society, the Rotary Club of Imphal gave awards to 15 Traffic Policemen and the Rajkumari Sanatombi Award Committee gave awards to 10 Traffic Policemen.



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I. The Traffic Control Police, Imphal West function under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police, Imphal West. It is headed by one Dy. SP rank officer. 

The components of the Traffic Control Police, Imphal West are Civil Police, Homeguard and Village Defence Forces (VDFs) ,who are commanded by one Inspector. 

The present strength of the Traffic Control Police, Imphal West is as under :-

1 1 1 5 24 74 3 34 13 16 173 38 376

II. The Deputy Superintendents of Police posted in the Traffic Control Police, Imphal West since 1978: 

 22/12/1978 TO 06/08/1984
 06/08/1984 TO 19/07/1987
20/07/1987 TO 09/10/1990  
 10/10/1990 TO 30/08/1993  
30/08/1993 TO 20/08/1996  
 07/09/1996 TO 30/11/1999  
 30/11/1999 TO 28/11/2000  
 23/08/2002 TO 24/04/2006  
 06/12/2000 TO 23/08/2002  
 24/04/2006 TO 19/03/2008  
 19/03/2008 TO 24/02/2009  
 24/02/2009 TO 04/03/2009  
 04/03/2009 TO 10/07/2014  
 10/07/2014 TO  24/09/2016
24/09/2016 to till Date

III. The Additional Superintendents of Policce posted in the Traffic Control Police, Imphal West since 2014

04/03/2014 to 01/12/2014
01/12/2014 to Till date

Home Guard


The Home guard personnel have been attached to the Traffic Control Police, Imphal West since its inception. Presently, the Home guard personnel are commanded by two Company Commanders – Shri N. Jayenta Singh and Shri Wahid Ali, under the overall supervision of the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Traffic. Dressed in white shirt and blue pants, these personnel presently are dedicated to the regulation of traffic through hand signals at road junctions. Majority of them are women. In the absence of electronic traffic signals, the Home guard is an indispensable part of the Traffic Control Police. Among the contingents of the parade of the Independence Day Celebration of the state, a platoon of Home guard, Traffic Control Police is a regular and attractive feature of such a prestigious celebration. 



The Traffic Police Constables are deployed in various parts of the city. They regulate traffic as well as ensure no-encroachment of the main carriageways and footpaths. They also assist the officers to book offences under MV Act, 1988. Women constables of the Traffic Control Police strength are very less at present but this small team sincerely and effectively executes their assigned duties. 


The induction of VDF in the TCP/IW began in the year 2009(June). The rise in the number of vehicles in the state and the expansion of the city necessitated the enhancement of manpower deployment. To meet the immediate shortage, VDFs of the District Police were attached to the TCP/IW. This component today regulates the traffic of the city efficiently and effectively. 

Bike Teams


The Bike teams of Traffic Control Police, Imphal West were raised in the year 2009. Each team is commanded by one SI /ASI. Prior to their formation, mobile checking was not possible. Now, these teams are dedicated to mobile checking at different parts of the city. In short notice, these teams can move from one area of duty to another and thus attend to emergency related duties too. 

Airport Teams


The Imphal Tulihal International Airport’s traffic has increased over the years as the frequency of airplanes landing and taking off from this airport has increased. Many VVIPs and VIPs also regularly fly to different places from this airport. To provide a smooth traffic regulation, a team of Traffic Control Police, Imphal West under the command of ASI H. Mohindro Singh is posted at the airport daily from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. 

VIP Teams


Imphal, being the capital of the State, is host to many state level functions and visits associated with VVIPs and VIPs almost every day. To manage traffic in connection with such occasions, the TCP/IW has been trained. The teams are headed by ASI Tombi, ASI Meba Maring, SI Janamuddin, ASI Tomcha, ASI Jiten and ASI Kumar.

Bullet Riders for the Carcade of H.E. the Governor of Manipur


Two Bullet Riders from Traffic Control Police, Imphal West lead the carcade of H.E. the Governor of Manipur, wherever H.E. travels within the city.

Constable L. Biramani, N. Niranjan and S. Tarunkumar are the designated riders.

Officers and Escort teams


Law and Order duties assigned by the District Suptd. Of Police are also performed by the Traffic Inspector, and the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Traffic Control Police, Imphal West on daily basis.



SI Shamsher Ali and his team effectively cater to the clerical requirements of the Traffic Control Police, Imphal West office. 

Wheel Clamp


It is also known as wheel boot, parking boot. It is a device that is designed to prevent vehicles from being moved. The TCP, IW is effectively using this device to control double-parking and to control NO-PARKING zones.

Mobile Microphones


These are used by the field Traffic Police to pass messages to the public related to road Safety and other traffic regulatory rules.

Booking of Offences under MV Act' 1988

1990 885 47,349/-
1991 1321 70,720/-
1992 1397 80,320/-
1993 2570 1,46,150/-
1994 1500 85,030/-
1995 794 46,310/-
1996 2242 1,16,240/-
1997 1627 89,750/-
1998 6016 3,10,060/-
1999 4845 2,49,930/-
2000 3800 2,02,000/-
2001 5468 2,86,990/-
2002 6382 3,42,550/-
2003 3684 2,24,450/-
2004 3200 1,85,000/-
2005 8467 4,51,850/-
2006 7897 6,05,250/-
2007 6775 3,87,230/-
2008 3,495 2,22,500/-
2009 21,472 14,77,300/-
2010 11,645 9,48,000/-
2011 17,389 17,33,750/-
2012 35,829 36,72,450/-
2013 15,133 16,50,400/-
23,564 25,75,000/-
2015 9,042 9,63,050/-
2016 20,787 22,43,600/-
2017(till April) 8,052 8,54,700/-
Total 2,35,347 2,02,78,749/-

Number of cases challaned under MV Act & Rules by TCP-IW before the Hon'ble Mobile court during 2014 and amount of the fine compounded by the court.

Sl. No. Date Cases Amount
1 21/10/2014 100 12,900/-
2 22/10/2014 261 19,700/-
3 23/10/2014 88 11,710/-
4 24/10/2014 100 13,480/-
5 06/12/2014 223 31,630/-
6 07/12/2014 285 42,870/-
Total 1057 1,32,290/-

Total No. of Cases detected and Amount of Fine under different sections of M.V. Act & Rules are: 23,564 (TR-V) + 1,206 (Mobile court) =24,770 (Cases). And, 25,75,000/- (TR-V) + 1,48,637/- (Mobile court) = 27,23,637/- only.



Traffic Control Police are not permanent Staff of the Traffic Control Police unit. They are transferable. To ensure that the new entrants (newly transferred personnel or officer) are provided with the right information and skill to regulate and manage traffic, they are provided training within the office of the Traffic Control Police.

ASI R.K. Rajen, ASI S. Jiten, Hav. Nava and Company Commander N. Jayenta Singh are the trainers.

Road safety awareness team


The Traffic Control Police, Imphal West conduct traffic awareness programme on traffic rules and road safety regularly. This team visit schools and colleges. And lectures, slide shows, traffic movies etc. are a part of this programme. Apart from schools, colleges, the team is also sent whenever requests are sent by the civil and governmental organizations. 

Officers and personnel of TCP/IW who have received awards for their dedication to duty 

Sl. No.   Name  Rank   Awards/Year  Photo
Victoria Yengkhom  Dy. S.P.  DGP's commendation (2011)  
H. Rameshwar Sharma  Traffic Inspector 1. Rotary Club Award, Best Traffic of the year (2009-10)
2. DGP's commendation certificate/Disc Police (2012)
3. Medal Meritorious Service on the occasion of 68th Independence Day (2014)
M. Irabot Singh  SI  RK. Sanatombi Devi Awards (1985-86)  
Tombi Singh  ASI  Rotary Club Award (1995)  
S. Jiten Singh  ASI  DGP's commendation (2013)  
K. Paokelung ASI Rotary Club Award (1991)  
S. Jilla  HC  All Manipur Driving School (2008)  
N. Bijoy Singh  HC  Rotary Club Award,Best Traffic of the year (1990 & 1999)    
O. Medhapati Devi  WHC  1. RK. Sanatombi Devi Awards (1985)
2. Rotary Club Award (1999)
3. Rotary Club Awards (2003)
10  H. Memi Devi  WHC  1. Rotary Club Awards (1998-99)
2. RK. Sanatombi Devi Award (2000)
11  K. Shangkhu Maring  W/C 1. RK. Sanatombi Devi Award (1996)
2. Rotary Club Awards (2001)
12  W. Guni Singh  Constable  1.  Rotary Club Awards (1988)
2.  RK. Sanatombi Devi Governor Award (2003)
13  T. Koireng Singh  Constable  Rotary Club Award (2000)  
14  L. Nilakanta Singh  Constable  Rotary Club Award (2001)   
15  L. Biramani Singh  Constable  1. Rotary Club Award (2008)
2. DGP Commendation (2013)
16  Z.M. Dahrii Pao  Constable   Rotary Club Award (2014)
17  M. Kantajini Devi  HG  Rotary Club Award (2007)