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The Manipur Police Training College, Pangei was established on 2nd January, 1967 as a Police Training Centre with Shri W.Damudor Singh, IPS(Retd. Inspector General of Police) as its first Officer In-Charge. The Training Centre was upgraded to the status of a training School on 22/10/1972 and the officer In-Charge designated as Principal, MPTC which was again re-designated as Director, MPTS on 05/01/2005. The Manipur Police Training School has subsequently been upgraded to the status of a College on 23/09/2009. 

Main Gate MPTC, Pangei Main office  Recreation Hall

Located at 12 Kms. North East of Imphal Pukhao Road in Imphal  East District of Manipur  covering 103 acres of land the training college which was earlier imparting training only to the jawans of Manipur Rifles is now over the years imparting Training to Civil Police Constable/Jail Warders, Assembly Security  personnel/Wireless staff in addition to the jawans of Manipur Rifles and IRBns.

Opening of Pre-Basic Trg. of MPS officers Opening of SI/ASI cadet basic trg. MPTC Pic8. POP of 2nd batch direct Havildar

Organisational Structure

The Manipur Police Training College is presently headed by Shri Kh. Chandramani Singh, IPS, IGP as Director. Four Assistant Directors out of 6 sanctioned posts namely Shri Th. Basantakumar Singh, IPS , Shri A.Saratkumar Singh, MPS, Shri. B Go Lian Mang, MPS and Shri L. Ibotombi Singh, MPS are posted at the Training College. Two Addl. S.P, Ms Priyadarshini Laishram, MPS and Shri I. Chitaranjan Singh, MPS are posted at MPTC. Ms. Priyadarshini Laishram, MPS is functioning as Adjutant, MPTC. Besides the G.Os the Training College is manned by 11 Inspectors, 22 Subedars,10 Jamadars,113 Havildars, 256 Riflemen, 9 Constables, 4 Drivers and 57 followers.

Kh. Chandramani Singh, IPS  Th.Basanta Singh, IPS A. Saratkumar Singh, MPS
B.Go Lian Mang, MPS   L. Ibotombi Singh, MPS Ms.Priyadarshini Laishram,  MPS 
I. Chitaranjan Singh, MPS

The staff of Manipur Police Training College have been trained in the following areas:

Sl. No. Name of Course Numbers of Trainees
1 VIP Security Course 12
2 Counter Insurgency /Jungle Warfare 36
3 Weapon and Tactics 31
4 CCTNS/ Computer Application Course 18
5 P.T. and Drill Course 26
6 Bomb Disposal and Explosives Course 09
7. UAC Course 02
8. Disaster Management Course 08  
9. Mob Management and Tear smoke Course 08  
10. Armourer Course  09
11. Driving Maintenance Course  06
12. Buglers Course 09

A number of instructors have also been trained in scientific investigation, Assets and trap cases, CQB , Map Reading and Field Crafts , investigation regarding offences related to the body, etc.

Vertical rope demonstration  PT course (TOT) Staff on TOT for anti-riot


The training institute has till date imparted training to 30462 recruits/ cadets of Civil Police(Male/Female)/ Manipur Rifle/Jail Warders/Assembly security personnel/ Wireless Staff / CMTW Staff / BSF /Home Guard / Excise Department/ Motor Vehicle/ India Reserve Battalion/ India Reserve Women Battalion/ 301 SPOs and 1550 VDF. Further the first batch 175 numbers of Direct Havildars of Manipur Police passed out from MPTC on 12/11/2012. For the first time in the history of MPTC, Pangei have been imparting basic training to Cadet SI & ASI at MPTC, Pangei.

Women Trainees in action during mob dispersal & anti-riot demonstration

In addition to the basic training, various in–service courses and refreshers courses like counter insurgency course for Manipur Police Commandos, refresher courses for Women SI/ASI/HC & Constables , MP 5 Courses for the guards and escorts of VIPs, P.T.I Courses, Intensive Crowd Control Course are conducted at MPTC from time to time. Further, Disaster management courses were also conducted at MPTC in collaboration with the Relief and Disaster Management Department, Govt of Manipur and 1st Battalion NDRF. The training institute also conduct Probationary attachment for the newly inducted IPS officer and MPS Officers.

Opening of Pre-Basic Training of MPS Officers    

The instructors and staffs of MPTC are also sent for training outside the State. Many instructors have been trained in various fields like P.T. and Drill, Weapons and tactics, Jungle training and Warfare, Anti riot and mob control, Bomb disposal course, Drivers maintenance course, Disaster management Course etc.

Besides the regular courses, special sensitization programmes are also held from time to time in topics and issues of social relevance like HIV and AIDS awareness programme, International Humanitarian laws & human rights and Human Rights Sensitization Programme, Gender Sensitization Programme, Awareness programme on Juvenile Justice, Blood Donation awareness programme. In collaboration with the Manipur State Women’s Commission and Manipur Huiyel Lallong Thang Ta Cultural Association, a martial Arts centre, MPTC has also organized Women’s Self Defence Programme during the basic training of the 863 nos. of Women Police constables. The Training College is presently imparting CCTNS training to the personnel of Manipur Police Department.

 AIDS Awareness Programme Self defence Training Programme

The training Centre with its vast expanse of playing fields are also nurturing the sporting talents of the Manipur Police Sport Club especially the MPSC football players and the Kabaddi players who have brought many laurels for the Police Department. 

MPSC Football team Winning moment Manipur represent State Team MPSC Kabaddi team awarded winner in the 42 senior state kabaddi championship 2014-15


The following facilities are available at MPTC, Pangei for the staff and Trainees:-

  1.  Accommodations for officers, their families and trainees.

  2. Officers Mess, JCO Mess and Jawan's Mess.

  3. Main Parade ground, football fields and other open spaces/fields for PT and Drill.

  4. Recreation Hall, Drill sheds and Class Rooms.

  5. Office of the Director and Administrative building.

  6.  Unit MI with Doctors/Nurses & 20 nos. of beds.

  7. M.T. Section.

  8. SM and double storey barracks for the trainees .

  9. Well equipped fitness centre.

  10. Lawn Tennis Court

  11. Well Stocked Library.


SM & double storey Barrack Lecture Hall
Unit Hospital Unit MT Section Multi-Purpose Drill Shed
Lawn Tennis Court MPTO Unit, MPTC Interior view of Lecture Hall, MPTC
Front & side view of Lecture Hall, MPTC  

In addition to the existing infrastructure new construction are in progress for an Indoor shooting Range ( almost nearing Completion), Kill House.

Intensive for Mob dispersal & Anti-Riot to the course for women Police


For the welfare of Officers and personal MPTC, Pangei Unit Canteen, Unit MI with 2(two) Doctors and Nurses are working round the clock.

Unit Canteen Unit Doctors Chamber Patient Wards
Well Stocked Library

Raising Day:-

As MPTC was raised on 2nd January, every year 2nd January is celebrated as the Raising Day. Further Manipur Police Raising Day is also celebrated by sending March Pass Contingent of MPTC,  Pangei every year.

Photo Gallery :-

Honb'le Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam taking salute in POP 9th IR(Mahila)Bn.
P. Mallana Goud, IPS visit in the opening of Pre-Basic training of MPS    
Addl. SP Ms. Priyadarshini Laishram, MPS Received DGP Commendation Certificate & Disc.
Presented by O. Ibobi Singh, Chief Minister, Manipur at 1st MR Parade Ground on 15th Aug., 2014
Law Class of ongoing SI/ASI Basic Training cadet for the first time in MPTC, Pangei.  
Map Reading Class & Weapon Class of ongoing SI/ASI Basic Training cadet for the first time in MPTC, Pangei.
Weapon Class of ongoing SI/ASI Basic Training cadet for the first time in MPTC, Pangei.
Ranking Ceremony & POP of 2nd Batch Direct Havildar & 9th IR(Mahila)Bn, MPTC, Pangei


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